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Special receivers of audio signal:

Some producers deliver special dedicated receivers with transmitters, which are recommended for receipt of particular type of listening transmitter. Mostly these are one channel receivers. Their advantage is very easy operation connected with excellent sensitivity of receiver. Operation of these devices can be easily mastered by an amateur, too. Their disadvantage is usability only with permanently tuned frequency of transmitter, nevertheless this  makes them  practically unusable in case of their loss.
They will find application mostly with customers, who want to solve using of this technique individually and needn’t cope with a difficult operation of communication device, also taking into account the lower price of these receivers when compared with professional broadband telecommunication receivers. In case of customer’s request, it is possible to deliver these transmitters already  tuned to any frequency  and kind of  operation. At sales, we prefer delivery of a complete set of the transmitter – receiver.  Individual request from the part of sellers and the quantity ordered is always taken into account. Then, the final price is based on these aspects. We will be glad to give you more information on our contact telephones, skype nicks or in a personal meeting.

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One channel receiver BLAZE   [detail]
A universal one-channel receiver BLAZE on 407,3MHz frequency.
130,00 €


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