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Practical use

Mini Dictaphone EDIC:

This world unique high quality product is able register a conversation within about 9 meters.

- minimal dimensions, easy to control, instructions in both eng. language, registering time one or more days (depending on the particular model), voice activation, tape recording, advance recording planning for a particular date, transfer into other sound formats, data downloading into a PC, password protected access, record tracing by day (hour, minute, second).

- can be placed anywhere in a room, “under or behind the wardrobe”, in the kids’ room, office, car, at a business meeting etc.

- it captures perfectly all conversations of your children, au pair, unfaithful partner, your business companions, employees, competing business, etc. and you know what is going on.







Keylogger/ keelogger – a memory medium which allows you to record in textual format all that has been written on a PC in the past days and weeks. This includes passwords, e-mail addresses, web pages and chats, simply everything that has been written on the keyboard.

Its installation is very simple. All you need to do is to pull out the keyboard connector from the PC and connect it with the keylogger and connect it to the PC again.

Keylogger is perfectly hidden in the PC hardware system without any specification. The keylogger which we supply is resistant to any antivirus programme.

- monitoring and protection of children against online crime and their online connections

- “Is your partner fully faithful to you?!” Is he/she spending too much time online?

- monitoring of employees’ productivity, company loyalty, or of an eventual leak of confidential information from your company.






Receiver and transmitter:

In the room where the transmitter is placed you will hear every whisper, it is not possible to conceal any word from your ears.

The microphone of the transmitter captures without any problems all normal conversations in a four-room flat without distinction in which room it is placed.

For example if the transmitter is placed in a flat on the 5th floor, the receiver can reach more than 600 meters!!!

High standard parameters, easy to control and high quality of the received sound.

- “Do you know what is happening when you are not there!?”

- “Do you know how your au pair treats your children?”

- Your partner has received a visit and they surely have something to say to each other without you hearing them. Maybe you should know it as well.

- monitoring of company loyalty and of an eventual leak of confidential information from your company.






Invisible earphones:

Anatomical shape, natural colour and safe material. They practically disappear in the ear canal. Manipulation with them is very simple, there is no danger that you will not get them out of the ear canal anymore. On the tip they have a small loop which serves to pull it out easily. Highly secret receiving and transmission. It is compatible with any kind of telephone or transmitter. There are no wires leading to the ear!!! The received sound is absolutely clear.

- do you need a helping hand on the phone from a friend?

- you can communicate with whomever and wherever and nobody will notice

- do you have an important business meeting?

- are you not confident with your knowledge? (an exam, etc.)






Radio buoy (BEEP system):

It is a perfect solution for surveillance and monitoring of movement of people, vehicles, lap top computers, mobile phones and all other goods that need to be tracked secretly. People who are being monitored in this way have no chance to discover it. No standard measuring equipment is able to detect a radio buoy. Use of jammers is useless.

It serves for tracking the object in which it is incorporated. Its independent power supply secures about two months of functioning. It operates in underground garages, under water, under ground or in a tin hangar where the GPS and GSM systems do not operate.

- has your summer house, flat, office, cellar or car been robbed?

- has your car, lap top computer, bicycle, skis, camera or mobile phone been stolen?

- are the products in your company being stolen?

- are your employees being robbed?

We will incorporate the radio buoy in any object you wish and you will find it with the precision of 30 centimetres!!!





Killer, Jammer ... disturbatore, these are only a few names for those devices which began to be used. It is possible currently to buy it at internet. Current mobile phone is operating with their using as if the signal is lost. They are used in places, where phone calling is not recommended (meeting rooms, courts, hospitals, prisons, libraries of universities ... etc. ).

Their using in the Czech Republic is forbidden !!!
They are used by pyrotechnists to prevent blowing the charge by help of phones.
Through their activation the GSM systems, transferring of GPS, GPRS, GSM pagers and entire transfers of signals in these networks are disabled. Range at those devices is 5 – 10 meters for the   models of the lowest performance. At the models of the highest performance it is to cca 100 meters.


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