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They are small radio transmitters, which send a very short radio signal (generally of few milliseconds) and then will be silent for sufficient long period (from tens of seconds up to minutes), whereas this process is repeated continuously. They are able to operate constantly for a period of tens of months up to years. They are an ideal means for tracking and monitoring of persons, motor vehicles, notebooks, mobile phones and whatever goods and material which we want to monitor secretly. Persons, who are monitored in this way, haven’t any notion that they are monitored. Any currently available measuring technique will not draw their attention to this monitoring. Using of jammers is not effective.

It is possible to localize the radio buoys to the distance of tens up to hundreds of kilometres with accuracy to centimetres!!!!!

Their using is very advantageous in combination with other systems like GPS navigation, GSM mobile operators systems for localization of mobile phone positions. In connection with these systems they become very effective and accurate means for precise monitoring in all conditions and objects.

An optimum solution is to join the buoy and GSM mobile phone. Localization by means of mobile phone is performed with accuracy of 100 – 500 meters in a built-up area and of 1 – 15 km in mountain forest terrain, what is suited for the first bearing. Accurate final finding of buoy to centimetres then takes only few minutes. For reception of radio buoys signals usually the special high sensitive receivers are being used. It is also possible to use the broadband telecommunication receivers of the „scanner“type. It is very advantageous to complete them with directional antenna, what makes it easier to quickly search for radio buoys.

We are able to produce the radio buoys and deliver them according to a concrete customer’s request with required number of receiving (searching) receivers. The final solution is an individual one and it depends on a concrete situation. In case of your interest do not hesitate and contact us and we suggest an optimal technical solution for you.

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Radio buoy for secret monitoring of objects.   [detail]
It makes to direct finding of subject, in which is bulit-in . It has own power supply unit, which insure it’s functionality for 2 months time, under ground garages, in hangers, where are GPS and GS ...
396,00 €


Radio buoy accupack.   [detail]
It is instrumental to direct finding of mobile phone and currently his owner with accuracy to centimeters. It is secretly built-in to original battery of GSM mobile phone.
430,00 €

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