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Personal GPS monitor of location

Producer: spionproduct   Number of cataloque: 07-B01
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Personal satelite monitoring system for bearings accuracy location of monitored object with high accuracy bearing everywhere all in the world.

Price: 195,00 €  

Suitable for all-round using everywhere, you want to know actuall location of your „honey“, person, material, goods, self-propelled motor vehicles, ship, various subject… It is enough to call number of SIM card of operator, which is inserted in“tracker“ and in few second you will obtain SMS message  with coordinates of location of your „honey“ somewhere in the world.  It cooperates with all GSM networks of various GSM operators. Accuracy of bearings is cca 5-18 meters. In case of loosing GPS signal is sended to you the last checked satellite position. For all „honeys“ vhich you want to have under control. Built-in microphone makes it possible to you to listen area around your monitor by helping your mobile phone. In case of crisis situation is at disposal panic button, which after activation send SMS to pre-defined number. Possibility of setting to send SMS with actual location of monitor.

- universal immediate usability
- easy installation
- good sensitivity of microphone
- inconspicuousness of device and it‘s determine of being instrumental
- easy control on/off of transmitter
- suitable operating time of monitor for one recharge / cca 48 hours/
- after connection on board system od vehicle and possibility of permanent monitoring

One of the smallest satelite devices in the world. High technology of type of construction, miniature size, sufficient independence  of device makes you to possible to monitor of moving all, what depends on to you!!!!!!!!!
Package includes 2 pieces 3,7V / 800 mA   Li-ION baterry, network adaptor with charger, USB cable to PC. Text manual in english and czech language.

Size: 64 x 46 x 17 mm
Weight: 50g
Networks: GSM/GPRS
Bands: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GPS chip: SIRF3 chip
GPS sensitivity: -159 dBm
Accuracy of bearings: 5m
Running time: 48 hours for one recharging
Operating temperature: -20 + 55°C


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