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4-level satellite, radio, monitoring and tracking system for vehicles.


This device has been devepoled by the IRLAVS ltd. according to the requirements of special security forces and private detective agencies for safe vehicle tracking or area surveillance. It works also in case of bad connection or poor signal reception and operates in all GSM operator bands and GPS satellite band.


It integrates:


-          GPS satellite system with an incorporated GPS aerial of the highest sensitivity which consents vehicle tracking also if attached with strong magnets to the car’s chessis. It is able to locate the vehicle with a precision of about 5 meters. The gadget is controled and programmed by a common mobile phone or a PC with internet connection. We provide a wide range of special optional functions according to particular requests of the customer. The data sent give information about the real time position of the vehicle, about its driving speed, they check its state and report when the vehicle starts to move. In case of missing GPS signal ( undeground parking in supermarkets, use of jammers, etc. ) it gives information about the last satellite registered position.

-          GSM industrial module transmits information via GSM network operators in the roaming regime. In case of a missing GPS signal ( vehicle in an underground garage ) the data sent give the last known satellite position of the vehicle. It is also possible to locate the vehicle additionaly via SIM card location in the GSM module using for example the “find your friends” service, by which it is possible to locate the vehicle with a precision of 10 to 100 meteres depending on the density of BTS of the GSM operator in the given country.

-          Route recording with the possibility of data storage up to 6 past months including exact information about the location, regime and date, hour, minute and second in which the vehicle was monitored. There is also a possibility of data export onto a digital map. This gadget completely substitutes a car book.

-          The radio buoy is able to to locate and track the vehicle in cases when the GPS or GSM systems are out of order or do not function because the driver uses a prevention device against this kind of vehicle tracking systems.


If the gadget is connected directly to the board net of the vehicle, its operating time is unlimited. When, on the other hand, it is quickly attached to the car’s chassis by strong magnets, its operating time is approx. from 14  to 30 days. The magnets hold tightly with any car speed. The gadget is perfectly waterproof and operates by temperatures from -50 to +150 Celsius degrees.


We start selling this item after having tested all samples that we have now available, which is probably in May 2009. We are going to be the only and exclusive seller of this type of device in EU countries. The price will range from the basic version of approx. 400 EUR up to approx. 1000 EUR version with a full software included.





A new model of wireless inductive earphone ANETA. All its functions are controlled by a digital signal processor. In contrast to all modern models this one gives you a perfect sound without any rumors, more than a hundred hours of continuous operation, dimensions about 9×3.5mm, comfortable long time wearing and a perfect concealment inside the ear. The inductive loop can be hidden anywhere on the body. This gadget cooperates with all inductive device models in our e-shop. Maximum price is 414.


A new model of inductive wireless GSM set ADAM which is a world unique product in its category. We are the first to bring this device on the market. This system is composed of an inductive loop and a small box of dimensions about 51×36×14mm which contains a whole GSM module with the function of a common telephone that answers automatically a phone call to its SIM card. Its highly sensitive microphone Knowles transmits every minimal noise and is capable of registering a casual conversation to the distance of about ten meters. Your ‘friend on the phone’ will hear perfectly what you tell him with the lowest voice and you will perfectly hear all questions from the others. The perfect sound from the inductive earphone ANETA and the high sensitivity of this microphone make up one of the best products on the secret communication market. The lithium polymer battery used for this device last for about 6 hours after charging. Maximum price is 496€.


A remote controlled audio transmitter in UHF band ATHOS with coverage of about 500 meters. In the standby mode it does not transmit any signal so it cannot be detected by any security check up. The sensitivity of the Knowles microphone is up to about 10 meters of distance and provides an excellent clear sound. All its functions are controlled by a microprocessor with special software which operates in standby mode on one alkaline button cell 3V/1000 mAh for several months. The transmission time is set up by a remote control. It is activated only for the necessary time. One battery lasts about 24 hours. If the transmitter ATHOS has a permanent power supply its operating time can be unlimited. The remote control with its own code is inside the package. Maximum price is 827€.


A digital recorder with remote scanning of saved audio recordings SVETLANA. The whole device has a size of a match box, which can be hidden anywhere in a room. It is able to record and save all conversations in the room for about a month and gives exact information about the day and time of recording. The recordings can be scanned after activation of the recorder by means of a special remote control from a distance up to 200 meters form the monitored place. The best time to do this is after the working hours, at night or early in the morning. Sensitivity of the microphone is up to about 10 meters. This device offers you a high quality clear sound. Recordings can be transformed into any kind of sound format. If the device has a permanent power supply (for example if installed into a PC keyboard) it is possible to have the desired area under a constant control. It is virtually not possible to detect this device by a security check up since it does not transmit any signal and is activated only early in the morning for data downloading when nobody is present in the building. The whole set is composed of a recording device which is installed in the desired place, a remote control for activating the system, a special receiver with a recorder and a software on CD for modification of recordings and transformation of sound formats. Maximum price is 4131€.


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