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How to buy easy?

How to easy buy?

This is applicatory informative page, where we describe to you, how simple and comfortable is purchasing by
You find our complete offer divided into various category in the left menu. If you click on some of these  categories, you picture more  detailed offer of these products. You find entries New, We recommend, in the left menu too, which are instrumental to quickly picture of choised goods.

If you find  concrete product, you can try to type his name direct into  data field Search in upper part of pages and press the  button near by that field.
Detailed informations about  product you picture by click on it’s neme, picture or link detail.

Addition of items into order
If you want to order some item, type into  due field number of requested pieces and press the button with  pictogram of shopping cart. Requested number of products will pasted into your "virtual" shopping cart. If you want to order other goods, you can continue by the same way – find other product and into due field type number of requested pieces and press the button with  pictogram of shopping cart.
You have review about actuall value of your purchase in the lef upper part of page during ordering

Shopping cart
If you want to finish your order, click on pictogram of shopping cart at the right upper corner. It will picture a review of all items, which you pasted into cart. Now, you have possiblitiy to correct your order. If you want to change number of pieces, please retype number of pieces in quoted line and press the button correct. If you want to delete item, it is enough to press the button delete in quoted line.

Finish the order
As soon as you will satisfied with status of order, press the button order.  On next page you will be called to type of contact data, username and password. Please choose as your username easy remeberable word, with it’s helping you will inentificate by your next order. Plesase, choose password too. After typing all data press button order again. Please, type only purposefull data.
You finished your order and you can look foward to sending of it. If is the first order of you, don’t remember to note your username and password.

Repeat order
You will choose username and password during your first order. You can use this data during next orders. If you will finish next order, you needn’t type all your contact data – on the basis the typing of username and password and we type data instead of you. You can type that data into due fields in the left menu anywhere and next confirm by pressing button log in, or you will called to make it before finishing the order.

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