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General commercial conditions

1. Initial statute
These business terms are in force only for purchase through internet e-business E-business is carried out by TEDIMA Ltd, the terms specify and detail the rights and duties of a seller (operator) and a purchaser (customer). Prices are valid exclusively for e-shop, not at a current outlet.

2. When and how to get goods?
After electronic confirmation of order, valid order is being registered. Majority of goods is in stock, so they are dispatched through. In case required goods are not available at once in stock, its dispatch will be postponed by the date of distributor“s delivery, usually from 3 to 5 days. If we are not able to dispatch an order in appropriate date, we will contact you. Within one or two days since dispatch you will receive consignment at the address provided by you.

3. Transport
Czech Republic
For transport we use Czech post. Goods are sent cash-on-delivery, or after agreement it is possible to collect the goods in person.

4. Order and conclusion of selling agreement
All orders lodged through e-business are obligatory. By lodging an order purchaser confirms, that he is familiar with business terms, including terms of claim and he agrees with them.
Order is a proposal for selling agreement. Selling agreement comes into existence at the moment of electronic confirmation of order or by delivery of ordered goods to purchaser.
Electronic order is valid only in case all prescribed data and essentials of form are filled in.
The place of delivery is the address provided by purchaser in registration form.
Owner‘s right to goods passes to purchaser by taking over goods, excluding seller‘s ownership till the day of full payment of purchase price.
By filling in a registration form or a binding order in the framework of e-business, purchaser agrees with collection and filling system of purchaser‘s personal data and his purchases.
We declare that all goods offered within the framework of e-business, originate from the stocks of official manufacturers and importers.
The prices stated in a pricelist are final. Seller reserves the right to refuse to carry out an order in case the data in order are not complete, or arouse qualm about actual customer‘s intention to order goods. About this refusal seller sends the information to the customer‘s e-mail address.

5. Abandonment of selling agreement (returning of goods)
Purchaser is entitled according to regulations §53 article 6 of Civil Code as amended by act № 367/2000
to withdraw from a contract within 14 days since takeover of goods. If he decides so, he must send undamaged goods without any signs of usage or wear and tear, in original  package within stated term (decisive is the term of dispatch). After receiving returned goods, seller by return recalls to customer a corresponding sum of money in a beforehand agreed way.
Purchaser cannot withdraw according to regulations §53 article 7 letter c) of Civil Code from sales agreement on delivery of goods customized for him, as well as goods which are subject to destruction, wear and tear or obsolescence.
In any case do not send us goods returned cash-on-delivery. Returned goods in such a way will not be accepted and you prolong the term of carrying it out.

6. Final statute
These business terms are in force in wording stated on the seller‘s web pages, on the day of dispatching an electronic order by a purchaser.
By dispatching electronic order a purchaser exclusively accepts all statutes of business terms in wording valid on the day of dispatching an order, also the price of ordered goods valid on the day of dispatching an order, including transport costs or postage stated in the catalogue of e-business, if not in a concrete case demonstrably agreed in a different way. By dispatched order a purchaser is irrevocably obliged.
The cancellation of order without seller‘s agreement can be carried out by customer within 24 hours since his ordering, or in case the importer exceeds delivery time confirmed in a written form. In all other cases the agreement with the seller is necessary.
Consumer agreement follows Civil Code.

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