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Is it possible to use the radio buoy for tracking a stolen car?

Also if it has been stolen in the evening and hundreds of km away during the night?

Or if the car was for example in Italy and has been stolen there? Is it possible to locate it on distance?


Radio buoy is combined with other devices which are able to locate a car anywhere around the world. The buoy is a complementary device used in emergency situations when the GSM and GPS systems do not function. As a part of the standard equipment of a vehicle there is a GSM module and a separate satellite system for GPS navigation. Both have their own power sources independent of the vehicle accumulator which enables them to operate for many days. When these systems do not work due to a loss of signal (in high mountains, underground garages, etc) or due to GSM and GPS jammers, the car can be tracked only by the radio buoy. Occasionally a combination of the GSM and the radio buoy is used. There are more than a one radio buoys incorporated in the vehicle. They independently transmit a signal for about 2 months. By using only the radio buoy it is possible to reach an area of 70 km around the base point. For example the area of Slovakia can be tracked by one measuring vehicle in one day. We have a specific example from Italy where we managed to track a car in 10 hours. The whole area of Italy can be tracked by one measuring car in 30 hours. Please do not hesitate to contact us on Skype (nick – lentamente1) for more details.


I would like to know how to get the data out of the Keylogger CHIP 256 kb. Thank you.


Once you insert the password a system of data downloading and saving to a Word document is activated automatically. After the downloading is done, it is possible to store everything on a USB flash disc or other data storage device. Downloaded data is possible to save and print as a text or chart document. To download a full memory of 256kb takes about 30 minutes. The data is well organized and easy to read. Please do not hesitate to contact us on Skype (nick – lentamente1) for more details.


Is it somehow possible to detect a GPS locator in the vehicle?


In case when a GPS locator has been secretly hidden on your car chassis it is possible to find it only visually. This you would have to do practically every time you use your car, more times a day, even if you leave your car just for a few minutes. Its installation on a car chassis takes only a few seconds. A good strong magnet is able to hold it also with the speed of 200 km/h. The simplest solution to your fear of being illegally watched is to use a GPS jammer which is easily inserted into the connector of the car starter (available in our e-shop). It is also convenient to use a GSM signal jammer (also available in our e-shop) to obtain absolute security. The only obstacle would be only if they had installed a radio buoy from the IRLAVS ltd. In your car. Here any jammers are useless because it reaches an area up to 70 km. Please do not hesitate to contact us on Skype (nick – lentamente1) for more details.


Is it possible to find a car that has been stolen in 2005?


If there was a radio buoy from the IRLAVS ltd installed inside the car, it is very probable that the car can be located. Radio buoys are hidden within the car cavities and installed into various vehicle electrical appliances and devices. It can be for example inside the rear mirror, seat, automobile relay, automobile radio set or inside the car wiring. It is practically impossible to find it even with the use of professional measuring devices. Only the person who has installed the radio buoy inside the car can find it. Its dimensions are about those of a cigarette filter. If the car did not have this kind of system installed inside it, now it is not possible to find it anymore. Please do not hesitate to contact us on Skype (nick – lentamente1) for more details.


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