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Discreet communications | Discreet commun.

Miniature audio earphone of discreet comunnication MINI

Number of cataloque: 08-A03
Availibility: in store

A miniature audio earphone for hidden communication MINI model for inductive applications.

Price: 198,00 €  

Technical specification of the MINI earphone:


Size: length 12mm, diameter 5mm
Frequency: 200Hz ~ 20KHz
Distortion: <0,01%
Receiver: Electromagnetic converter Knowles
Air – zinc  battery  PR230 H PR 10, diameter 5,8mm, height 3,6mm, power 1,4 V, capacity (mAh) 75 Weight    0,3g                    
Runtime of the earphone 100 hours.                                                                                          

Battery life: up to 100 hours after removal of the safety label which prevents air entering
Weight including battery: 1,5gr



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