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Invisible earpiece SEH05

Producer: made in ....   Number of cataloque: 08-A05
Availibility: in store

An invisible wireless earphone. It is virtually invisible when put inside the ear. Provides covert audio reception. You can listen to conversations with a maximum discreetness. Thanks to its miniature size the invisible earphone is easy to fit and use.

Price: 112,00 €  

Technical Specifications of  SEH05

Dimension: 3x5x7mm
Max Volume Output 3KHz: 93
General Volume Output: 73
Frequency: 300MHz ~ 5KHz
Distortion Rate: <2%
S/N Ratio at 2KHz: >50dB
Receiver: Electromagnetic converter
Silveroxide battery  SR 416SW - 1,55V
Battery Life: 15 hours
Weight Including Battery: 0.8gm

Differences between SEH05 and SEH08
SEH05 is in black colour, SEH08 is skin colour
SEH05 is cheaper, SEH08 has higher quality
SEH05 is a bit smaller

Each piece of spy earpiece comes with one piece of battery
Batteries can be easily found in your local shop or in our online shop. It is recommended to change the battery after every use. The old battery can be used for testing the earphone.




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