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CHIP Keylogger Flash Module 4MB

Number of cataloque: 15-A02
Availibility: in store

Keelogger chip - memory medium, which allows to you to picture in text all, what was writtenn in last days, weeks. Includes passwords, e-mail address, mail boxes, chat, simply all what was typed on keyboard

Price: 99,00 €  

Perfect device, which allows you to monitor all, what was written on keyboard. Every pushes of keyboard are unmistakable saved into memory in chronological order. According to various models of keylogger is possible to save data in size 64kB/128kB/256 kB/in text form. It is not so too little!!!! In case that memory is full, nothing happens. Data are archived and running deleting of the oldest data. Some of last hundreds pages of text are available to you overtime. Just type special password and downloading of data can start. It is useful to save it to USB flash disc, and in other safety computer these gained data see over and than print.  Data can be in form of scheme or text.  It’s possible to quick search by helping of keywords.
Our keylogger is not possible to search any antivirus program!!! Validated in practice!!!
Keylogger is totally secret in PC system as hardware part, which is not identified. Signals from keyboard go through it without restraint

Keylogeer is super device for all, who wondering is. It allows you to see foreign e-mail messages, to search passwords to everywhere, access to encrypted data.
Connecting keylogger into foreign PC system is about few second.
All what will then write is available for you!!!!

Keylogger module
Special version of Keylogger Flash USB device, Keylogger Flash PS/2, and Keylogger Classic, embeddable into PC keyboard.  It is compatible with PS/2 and USB keyboard and it is completely invisible for the eye and for software. – hidden in keyboard and undetectable for antivirus software.

Monitor acceptable internet usage, Monitor employee productivity, Backup typed text Protect child from on-line hazards and predators, save a copy of written documents

Installation of keylogger chip for you can provide in PC service, in mobile phone service, simply everywhere, have equipment.  Our technical documentation describes fully installation of chip into various keyboard of PC, or notebook. Installation is not difficult, every handyman makes it. In case, that you want to install this chip by our company, contact us and we will adjust further particular of installation. We install chip into your keyboard into 24 hours and send to your address.

Installation manual of keylogger chip into PC  keyboard is downloadable below!!!


Downloadable files:
keeloggermoduleusersguide.pdf (keeloggermoduleusersguide.pdf - 0)   Download
keeloggerclassicusersguide-t.pdf (keeloggerclassicusersguide-t.pdf - 0)   Download ( - 0)   Download ( - 0)   Download ( - 0)   Download


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